Micro-Events /Daily Resistances

Frasq-rencontre de la performance #3, Le Générateur, Gentilly, France, 22-30 October 2011

Because performance art is ephemeral, I have re-performed/re-activated several of my previous micro-events with the intention of inscribing them in the here-and-now. Singular and unique, this work is a kind of retrospective of my micro-events, which I perform alone or with the participation of others.

The performance series titled “Micro-Events /Daily Resistances” seeks to question the conditions of our daily life. Here, the “re-enactment/re-activation” is not necessarily a reconstitution of an experience, or a historical fact, but is different from the original experience: it is shaped by the fact of the place, the moment, and the expectations of a novel public. Thus, the “Micro-Event / Daily Resistances” is considered a new creation.

Part 1: I re-perform all by myself the Micro-Event n° 5 /Nine Female Characters during which a group of dancers re-perform the Micro-Event n° 32 /Dancing alone.
Participants: Antase Aude, Isabelle Boutrois, Laetitia Brighi, Agnès Butet, Katia Chesnier, Pauline Dumora, Amandine Etelage, Maude Marquet, Emilie Rivière, Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz and Christine Zwingmann.

Part 2: Two actors transmit by reciting my micro-events.
Participants: Leslie Auguste and Thomas Moreno.

Part 3: During 5 minutes and in a total obscurity, I project a white square on the ground.