Micro-Event /Weddings Anniversary

Rendez-vous du forum, Session 2, Centre G. Pompidou, Paris, 2010 - CNAP

On the occasion of the Festival “Forum-1” at Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, I organized the “Weddings Anniversary” to which I invited all my “husbands” and “wives” whom I married in my performance series “Micro-Events /Weddings”, initiated in 2002 at the Gallery Jennifer Flay in Paris.
What interested me with the “Weddings” series was the potential for unexpected encounters. I offered the public – women and men, sometimes several people at the same time – the possibility of encounter and the freedom to marry me. The desire to meet and marry a new person – a person to believe in – was also present, even briefly, in the situations I created through the weddings, each lasting five minutes.

The “Weddings Anniversary” I organized at George Pompidou Centre was not only a culmination of these numerous weddings. It was designed to strengthen the marital relationships and to create one big family while glorifying the idea of profound liberty of each person.

Clad in a wedding dress and a several-meters-long wedding veil, I followed a particularly well studied ceremonial ritual. A festive atmosphere filled the space due to different elements such as a wedding cake, champagne, music and ball. Very strong interaction was created between my spouses and myself who became essential actors of the work – without forgetting the public who were invited to this anniversary.