Micro-Event n°36 /Ice Vitrine

Lilith Performance Studio, Malmø, Suède, 2009 ; Becoming Intense, Becoming Animal, Becoming..., organized by the Heidelberg University, Palais Prince Carl, Heidelberg, Allemagne, 2009

During four hours, I remain encased in a window display constructed with twelve, 25 cm thick iceblocks. This performance was developped in situ over a five week period in collaboration with the Lilith Perfomance Studio in Sweden.I invited eight men to participate in my performance. The spectateurs entered the brightly-lit perfomance space in groups of ten people. Three minutes after the arrival of the spectateurs, the first man arrived and leaned against the wall facing me. The second man stood next to the first man and so on until all eight men were lined up against the wall. The only audible sound was cracking of the ice from time to time. I specified that the spectateurs must not talk and had to remain completely silent. I chose to objectivize myself by standing totally naked in the icewindow in the middle of the room. I thus created a series of incongruous situations (acted out) in which the artist, the public and the men are confronted with the limits of their own perceptions in relation to power structures and social and cultural norms.

The lights go off after 15 minutes signalling the end of the performance. The spectateurs leave the room. A new group of ten people enters and the performance starts again.

Participants, Maimø, Sweden: Klas Bergman, Tom Olsen, Armando Baeza Soto, Björn Axelsson, Jonas Ermegørd, Per Andersson, Fred Riessen, Pether Lindgren
Participants, Heidelberg, Germany: “HardChor” (men’s choir)