Micro-Event n°35 /Electric Chairs

Assises. Cent une chaises-œuvres, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Paris, Immeuble des Bons-Enfants, Paris, 2008, Assises Sedute in Opera, Collezione Philippe Delaunay, Museo Arte Contemporanea Acri, Acri, Italie, 2009

Tsuneko Taniuchi Electric Chairs

© Adagp, Paris 2013 / Photos: Agnès Rodier

For the occasion, I decided to reactivate my Micro-Event n°35, a project created for the Kurt Eisner Foundation in Munich (yes, the same one who said “The artist as an artist must be an anarchist.”) The artist sits naked on the chair, chained by a string of lights, bright and festive colors. A demonstration against the death penalty, in French the work is called Chairs Electrique, a franglais word game sitting between flesh and chair, a direct reference to Andy Warhol’s “Electric Chair” (1967). As a form of petition, I invite the public to take the same gesture as me, an act at the same time artistic and political.

Performance and color C-type photographs, 91 x 60cm, 2008