Micro-Event n°31 /How to Design the World / Women in Search of a New Identity

Centre Colombo Americano de Medellín and Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, Colombia, 2006


© Adagp, Paris 2013 / Photos: Tsuneko Taniuchi

This Micro-Event was performed by six Colombian art students: David Ramírez & Sandra Nielsen, Marleny Pineda Montoya, Oriana Maríana Zapata, Paula Andrea Usuga and Victoria Eugenia Londoño, during my workshop at the Centro Colombo Americano. Most of them attend the Fine Arts School in Medellin. Together, we discussed the condition of women in both contemporary Colombia and Europe. We raised the problem of physical violence but also of symbolic violence exercised by the consumer society and through the media.

Today, we are living in unsteady times. Especially in Colombia, where people are confronted with conflict and difficulty. The globalization has two aspects: social control intensifies whereas the liberalization of market is increasing. Faced to this worrying reality, I suggest a workshop and an atelier about women’s identity: How to live / to Design the World as a Woman and a Man.
Through “Micro-Event”, as a form of artistic realization, which I created and which I gave this name, I wish to open up the way to the future artistic generation, towards the new spaces with critical, creative and positive expression. “Micro” referring to the everyday life of each person and referring to what happens at the individual level, comes up on his/her real life and his/her memory.

In “Micro-Event N°31”, I show 5 actions of the students of my workshop and a video, realized by myself with a group of highschool students, which shows how women’s image in the media is manipulated: in advertising, television, women’s magazines…

View the website http://newidentityofwomen.free.fr/