Micro-Event n°26 /I Get Married in Chinese

Galerie MISS CHINA BEAUTY, Paris, 2005 ; Bring into Play, Musée des Moulages, Lyon, 2005

Micro-Event is a form of artistic realization which I originated and named. For me, macro events are things like natural disasters, wars, etc., which are part of collective history and society, Micro, however, refers to daily life, to what happens at the level of the individual and is in their memory. I look for a powerful experience with the public sharing the action with me. I am not performing; I try to build an event at the individual level, an event that will not be immediately covered by another, as happens in the mass media.

In Micro-Event n° 26 /I Get Married in Chinese, after the action of the marriage on the day of the opening, the spectators reconstruct the even from traces of the action. What matters to me is not to keep fetishized traces, but to keep witnesses to the action that took place. Because I believe my work exists before the event, during and after, once I’ve decided to make a Micro-Event
Preparation with the team, the procedures of the wedding ceremonies with my husbands and wives, like the wedding photos and videos, are also important. These wedding photos and videos make up the exhibition.