Micro-Event n°14 /Future Bride Likes to Paint

Art et Vitrine, Rougier et Plé, Paris, 2002; Sens Dessus-Dessous, Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris 2002; Soirée Prétexte en 3 Temps, Batofar, Paris, 2002; IIème festival international de performances, Centre d'art Camac, Marnay, France, 2003

I place myself in an artist supply shop window on which is written: Future bride likes to paint.. I stay there for four 2-hour sessions. I am dressed in a wedding gown and I paint in real time with my palette and easel. This character is both comical and absurd, a pure consumer good, a piece of merchandise offered in the smallest detail: the bride for sale.
Love Me Tender: She Wants to Find Wives and Husbands: Right after the Rougier and Plé shop window, I looked for my wives and husbands at the Jennifer Flay Gallery. I sang a little song to each candidate and asked him/her to pose for a wedding photo with me. Thus, on 26th January 2002, 28 marriages were celebrated. 29 people became my wives and husbands.
“The Wedding Night2: At the Batofar, I sang the public a song, Love Me Tender and then I cut a wedding cake with my wives and husbands and we all danced. This took place during “Funny Valentine Day”.
The “Wedding Buffet” was served at the closing of the Sens Dessus-Dessous Exhibit at the Jennifer Flay Gallery on March 2nd.