Micro-Event n° 6 /Berlin /Fast Food

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2000 (Villa Médicis Hors les Murs / AFAA, 2000 ; Atelier de Production de l'Ecole d'Art de Rueil-Malmaison, France, 2000)

This Micro-Event(collective performance) included the participation of fourteen people based on the following scenario. One weekend afternoon, I brought together fourteen people of different backgrounds (German natives and migrant workers from Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia, etc). Each person was asked to bring his culture’s equivalent of a sandwich, like Giros, Cup-noodles, Hamburgers, etc – all of which have become more or less international, a “fast-food” both multi and a-cultural. I wanted to see how these people co-existed in everyday life and which problems would arise.
They separated into groups and ate without ever mingling. They ended up finding two victims: two women – an Algerian and a Nigerian.
This performance was videotaped.Two videos were made. For the second video I filmed people eating “fast-food” in the streets of Berlin. In the framework of this collective performance, my position was to question the commercial logic of different edible products. In this Micro-Event, “fast-food” products are the starting point of a reflection on the process of internationalisation, of globalisation. The integration and importation of these products on the economic market are not proofs of real integration, of cultural integration. I wanted thus to show the lag between the appearance on the market of products of different origins and, paradoxically, the on-going rejection of people originating from those countries, which produced those very products.