Micro-Event n° 18 /Marianne Tsuneko / Tsuneko Marianne

Profession de foi artistique, chez Window, Paris, 2002; 3/8 Lacaserne à l'Espace Beaurepaire, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, 2002

I was in the window of “Window”, dressed in a white T-shirt on which “Marianne” was written on the front and “Tsuneko” on the back. Instead of wearing a Phrygian bonnet, I wore a red wig and I had on blue boots.
A French flag was hanging behind me on the wall and I danced to the “Marseillaise”. In the street, there were passers-by and the public of the Profession of Artistic Faith exhibit, which took place during the presidential elections, before 27th April 2002.