Micro-Event n° 13 /Six Female Characters

La Force de l’Art 02, LES VIRTUELS, invited by Synesthésie, Grand Palais, Paris, 2009

This micro-event is created on the concept of the movement of the body and interpersonal communication in a virtual space (the online game) and real space. This work offers the potential to meet and exchange in the two spaces at the same time.

In my performance, I portray six female characters with whom you can play virtually (Micro-Event n°13 /Six Female Characters video game). The resulting interaction with the public and the fiction that takes place from a scenario are important elements in my work. These female characters leave the virtual space to march, in turn, before your eyes.

Over the last 20 years, I have created and continue to develop interactive performances in an evolving series entitled “Micro-Events.”
While all “Micro-Events” intrinsically question notions about identity and culture, each one varies in its thematic concept. All “Micro-Events” belong to an artistic formula whereby I search for a strong interaction with the viewer to share and interact with me, thus generating a role for identification on an individual level.

Micro-Event n° 13 online at www.synesthesie.com