Micro-Event n° 13 /Six Female Characters (video game)

Synesthésie, 2001

13coverWith these characters you traverse the game’s universe, and intuitively follow the possibilities of the game or of the narration, simply by clicking on the active areas. You can access different parts of the game from the main menu by clicking on the corresponding icon.
You can also send emails to different characters and get to know them. Then I will will personally communicate with you, embodying each character to create a virtual performance.
In my artistic work, the place of the game is important. The game is present in the relationships of my own character (whether she is played during a performance or not) with the personality of the spectator and material devices that are integrated into the performance. In particular, I focus on discovering the limits between “clear and non violent” and the “violent” games. I also investigate the relationship between the body in virtual space like the Internet and online gaming, and how virtual reality can be integrated in a real space.

This game is part of my usual practice, more precisely in the creation of Micro-Events, that form of artistic realization that I originated and named.

Thus, a “micro-event” is an artistic event playing with authenticity and improvisation on a given theme and specifics (barter, marriage, etc.). It also includes a scenario and fiction without distinct boundaries between the different domains.

Micro-Event n° 13 online at www.synesthesie.com