Micro-Event n° 26 /I Get Married in Chinese, 2005

Bring into Play, Musée des Moulages, Lyon, 2005

The series of WEDDING performances, first developed in 2002 in the store window of Rogier & Plé and at the Jennifer Flay Gallery, continue. I offer the public (men and women) the freedom to marry me countless times.

I like to introduce this idea of disorder of multiple ties, which are exponential, into the world order of marriage.

Dressed in a Chinese red traditional wedding dress, I married men and women with great pomp (certificates, wedding photos and signatures into the bargain), with the same promise faithfulness and decorousness for Chinese New Year at Miss China Beauty, Paris.

Then for the exhibition Bring into Play at the Musée des Moulages, I presented the video and photographs of the performance at Miss China Beauty.

15 photographs, Chinese wedding dress, table, poster & DVD (color video, sound, 24’10, 2005).