Daily Work, 1994

Hôpital Ephémère, Paris, 1994

In my work, I investigate the role of women in contemporary society, as well as societal norms (race, genre, sex, class, culture, etc.) that define the feminine model. My work deals with the difficulties women face in a patriarchal world, but always with humor, distance, and provocation.
In this installation, my awareness of the role of women has enabled me to “recuperate” all sorts of waste materials, packaging, but also different languages – not “the” language – anecdotes and stories, slogans, advertising brands, fashion photos, pornographic images, and comics and to re-turn the clichés, by redaction, to recycle them in my work, and the discourse of a society made by men and speak, in my turn, as woman.

Installation: drawings and divers materials. Variable dimensions.