Malmø : Lilith Performance Studio

tsuneko glacele 13 février 2009 au Lilith Performance Studio, Malm}, Suède.

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Press Release

Tsuneko Taniuchi at Lilith Performance Studio Malmø, 13/02/2009

In her performance, developed on site during five weeks in collaboration with Lilith Performance Studio, Taniuchi chose to objectify herself by standing on a podium inside an ice-vitrine build out of twelve pieces of 25-centimeter thick ice blocks. 8 at a time the audience entered a light and white painted room with Tsuneko in the middle. Three minutes into the performance one man entered the room and lined up against the wall facing Tsuneko. Two minutes later another man walked in and took his position beside the first man, this continued until 8 men was lined up facing the viewers in completely silence. The only sound was from the ice that creaked once in a while. The light switched off after 15 minutes and the audience left the room and a new group entered the performance.

View artist Talk by Tsuneko Taniuchi at Lilith Performance Studio the 22nd of January 2009.
Tsuneko Taniuchi considers her work a combat where status and alienation play central parts. With humor and irony, she constructs twisted and fictitious situations where she pushes both the observers and her own perceptions of power structures, cultural and social norms.